All About Diamonds

Some jewelers try to make diamond buying complicated. We make it easy for you.

The 4 Cs of diamonds, are a good place to start. But the honest truth is this: you have enough choices in diamonds to get what you want, at a price you can afford.

For instance, maybe you’re a size queen. You can buy a large diamond that’s not perfect and reduce cost. Or maybe you’re all about the sparkle. Some smaller diamonds can outshine larger ones. Are you looking for engineered perfection? The Hearts On Fire diamond was designed with you in mind.

Tell us what’s most important to you — and we’ll help you find it. What are friends for?

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Set a Budget
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Choose a Shape
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The 4C's
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Other Characteristics

While buying diamonds, choosing the right shape is crucial for determining its overall appearance in jewelry. Diamonds are available in many variations and cuts. A diamonds shape not only refers to its outward appearance but it also refers to how the stone is fashioned and how many facets it has. Knowledge about all the shapes can help you buy the right shape for yourself.

Round brilliant diamonds are one of the most popular shapes and account for more than 75% of the diamonds that are purchased. The brilliance and fire of these diamonds add to their popularity. Oval diamonds offer symmetrical designs yielding more surface area that give the appearance of a larger stone. These diamonds are preferred by the women who have short fingers and small hands as they give elongated look.

Princess cut diamonds are the smallest of the diamonds and have an inverted pyramid shape. In this shape, weight of carat is on the bottom side. It is a favorite of the solitaire. Marquise diamonds appear larger than they are; this shape is elongated with the points on every end and is sometimes changed to French tip where the points are almost excised. It is also one of the great options for solitaire.

You can look for Emerald cut diamonds, they appear rectangular with cut corners. This type of diamonds is also known as step cut due to its shape that resembles a staircase. Open and large facets of this diamonds give it an imperative look with higher color and greater clarity. You can also buy pear shaped diamonds that look like a teardrop. Most of these diamonds are found in earrings and pendants. Brilliant cut heart shape diamonds are a perfect romantic choice but the shape can vary based on the jewelry store you are buying from. This shape is greatly influenced by the configurations and whimsy of gem cutters.

Trillion cut diamonds are that with a triangular shape with equal sides. Use this shape for making a beautiful pair of earrings. Baguette cut diamonds are another type of step cut that frequently are employed as side stones. Because of a limited number of facets, color and quality come to play, as imperfections are greatly visible in this simple shape.

Asscher cut diamonds are rectangular with the high crown step facets and are known for the ability to throw light. Cushion cut diamonds are another form of diamond that are referred to as pillow diamonds. This shape is elegant with a touch of old world. Trapezoid, Kite, and Half-Moon shaped diamonds aren’t as common, when used it is frequently as a corner stone.