Sue was born and grew up in Hannibal. MO, in fact living in her parents Mark Twain Hotel. That is probably where she acquired good taste in food, fashion, and product design. She married Hardin in 1964 and immediately moved to Cedar Rapids, IA. In 1994, after raising five children, Sue opened Artistic Accents - an American Contemporary Craft Gallery in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. When the youngest daughter graduated from high school and Hardin was eligible to retire, Sue said wanted to live someplace that was cosmopolitan and offered an opportunity to expand her business interest, Sue and Hardin purchased the Meadowlark Gallery in Corte Madera, CA. The gallery was moved across the court yard in its current location in 2005. Sue has been growing the fine jewelry business, which is why the name is being changed to Meadowlark Fine Jewelry.

Sue’s current interests are the family, 3 of 5 are in Bay Area and they have 5 of the 9 grandchildren. Swim meets, recitals, birthday parties are very important. Gourmet cuisine and the Meadowlark follow closely behind.


Hardin was also born and grew up in Hannibal, MO. His Dad’s furniture store was next to the hotel. He got his BS in EE and worked for Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids, Iowa from 1964 to 2000. He held numerous marketing and engineering management positions. He has been supportive in the business and does whatever is needed; like making jewelry cases and accounting. The last couple years Hardin has been making wooden boxes available for sale at the gallery. He is a doting grandfather always there for the troops.